Article on Candlesticks in Tablet Magazine

Tablet Magazine has published my article on this project, along with a slide show.

It was the first week in September, and in cowboy boots and jeans, camera slung over my shoulder, I crunched through the springy thick tangle of undergrowth that carpets the old Jewish cemetery in Radauti, a market town in the far north of Romania, near the Ukrainian border. Around me stretched the crowded, ragged rows of tilted tombstones: gray and mossy green, some still bearing remnants of the blue and black and red painted decoration that once adorned the exquisite, ornate carving on their faces.

Read the full article HERE

I have also finally gone through the hundreds of photos I took on my recent trip and have begun to post them to the photo galleries on this site.

1 thought on “Article on Candlesticks in Tablet Magazine

  1. Ruth – I wanted to let you know that I saw your article on Tablet, and was really moved by your project; perhaps because my family is currently planning my grandmother’s unveiling and we were just wrestling with the issue of the gravestone and what to put on it.

    Your article inspired me to write a post for Jewesses with Attitude, the Jewish Women’s Archive blog, about gender and Jewish symbols. I thought you might like to see it!

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