Candlesticks in Botosani

The older parts of the Jewish cemetery in Botosani, Romania are very much overgrown…areas that had been clear when I was there in 2006 were totally choked when I returned in 2009. This made it quite difficult to photograph. Still, in these images you can see the very distinctive style in Botosani — almost art deco in feeling….

Click photo to enlarge image.

All Photos (c) Ruth Ellen Gruber

1 thought on “Candlesticks in Botosani

  1. Very interesting about the carvings. I just happened upon your blog while searching for relatives in Botosani. I have a photo of my great uncle’s grave in Budapest. It has no name on it that I can see, but a carving. I have no idea how my friend new it was his tombstone, but he did? I have often wondered what his carving means? Anyway… facinating blog and photos! I enjoyed reading it very much.

    Best Regards,
    Tracy Goldschlager

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