Note on stone-carving

By Ruth Ellen Gruber


Just an addendum to previous posts… In his detailed analysis of the Old Jewish Cemetery in Siret, Romania (in operation approx 1700-1840), Silviu Sanie notes that “shards and pieces” of “scrapped” tombstones were found during research  in the Old Cemetery, proving that there had been a stone-mason’s workshop “in the close vicinity or even inside” the cemetery.

He also notes the presence of Jewish families named Pietraru, in Romanian (as well as the Steinmetz and Picker noted by Moshe Barasch) indicated that they may have carried out the stone-mason trade.

1 thought on “Note on stone-carving

  1. A couple things you may be interested in:
    1. Some Jewish families did move from the area of modern day Romania to Eastern Slovakia in the 19th century, perhaps even earlier.
    2. You will see many examples of similar stone carving work in Humenne (Slovakia).
    3. You may even have some relatives in that region, I come from from a family of Grubers from that region (most of whom were murdered in the Holocaust, but a few of our grand parents did survive and now we are spread as far Australia and US).

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