Candlesticks in my mother’s self-portrait

In one of the several self-portraits my mother, the artist Shirley Moskowitz, drew or painted, she used collage material to enhance a print and tell autobiographical stories. The materials include old photographs of her family, snippets of old paintings and drawings, writings and other imagery evoking the memories of a lifetime. Prominent among them is the representation of Sabbath candles in silver candlesticks, placed on a white tablecloth. The image is slightly surprising, as I don’t recall ever seeing Mom light the candles on a Friday night — but she grew up in a home where they were part of the Shabbos routine, and many of the snapshots used in the collage date from those early years.

Self-Portrait, Shirley Moskowitz. Collage

Self-Portrait, Shirley Moskowitz. Collage

Article on Candlesticks in Tablet Magazine

Tablet Magazine has published my article on this project, along with a slide show.

It was the first week in September, and in cowboy boots and jeans, camera slung over my shoulder, I crunched through the springy thick tangle of undergrowth that carpets the old Jewish cemetery in Radauti, a market town in the far north of Romania, near the Ukrainian border. Around me stretched the crowded, ragged rows of tilted tombstones: gray and mossy green, some still bearing remnants of the blue and black and red painted decoration that once adorned the exquisite, ornate carving on their faces.

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I have also finally gone through the hundreds of photos I took on my recent trip and have begun to post them to the photo galleries on this site.